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Publix Shoper Causeway After catching your eye in the first isle, we both ended up at the other end of the store in the produce section to get the courage to say "hi". But you were on your , and my rang a moment later. Dang Phones!!! Anyway, I admired you and would like to spend some time learning what we have in common. Monday late afternoon - Causeway & Providence You're cute! Hope you find this message..

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  Hi! I'm the typical girl next door but with a twist. I love being active, i play all sports and enjoy watching baseball, football & hockey. I am a very laid back person, just enjoy having a goo dating boy, Jacksboro, Saks, Stewart MN, Washington Township, North Mankato MN d time. Always looking for a good time, tons of laughs. I like to go out to dinner, out to the bars, or take it easy and go bowling or go to the movies. I go camping in the summers, ride bikes, play mini golf, go to area sporting events. I cant wait to start skiingsnowboarding again. I am very down to earth and very easy to get along with and talk to. I listen to pretty much all music but i absolutely love country music!! If you would like to know more me.

All my guy friends have girlfriends for the summer which make them really boring. So now im looking for new friends. i like downtown a lot and would like someone to go with me. so if your interested let me know.

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